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Exercise: Second chance

These exercises were written by IWW members and administrators to provide structured practice opportunities for its members. You are welcome to use them for practice as well. Please mention that you found them at the Internet Writers Workshop (http://www.internetwritingwor kshop.org/).

Prepared by: Rhéal Nadeau
Posted on: August 18, 2002
Reposted on: June 27, 2004
Reposted on: August 8, 2004
Reposted on: December 25, 2004

The Practice list presents many challenges to its members - that is the point, of course.

Some of the challenges deal with the submissions themselves. The exercises are often hard, and not everyone gets it right. And even the best submissions might be improved, based on the critiques received. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do it over? (Repetition is an essential part of exercise!)

And in any given week, many of us will think about writing a submission, but run out of time, after sometimes investing a lot of thought into what we would like to write.

So this week, we will give members a chance to catch up - either by doing an exercise we missed, or redoing one we want to improve.

Please review the list exercises, at http://www.internetwritingworkshop.org/pwarchive/index.shtml . Is there one you wanted to do, but didn't have time? Is there one you did, but want to do again? If so, this is your chance! Let us know what exercise you're doing, and post your submission (respecting the word limit quoted in the exercise description.)

When critiquing a submission, made sure to check how well the submission meets the exercise requirement, and critique accordingly. (In addition, we can critique on general writing principles, but the point of an exercise list *is* to address specific points. so the critiques have to address that.)

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