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The short story critique list

The Fiction Workshop is for submission and critiques of short fiction. Members of this workshop are here to help their fellow writers by critiquing their work, and to receive help with their own writing by submitting manuscripts for critiquing.

There are three kinds of messages allowed in the Fiction Workshop. The two most common headings are Sub: (for submission of manuscripts) and Crit: (for critiques of manuscripts.) The Offer: heading is seldom used, so please check the FAQ more information.

You may post only Offers, Subs, or Crits to the Fiction Workshop.

Writers who submit their manuscripts to the workshop do so in an atmosphere of trust. That is why it is very important that you NEVER SHARE anything from the workshop with anyone else. That includes members of your household, co-workers, and members of the other writing workshops. You may not open and read a submission if you don't intend to critique it. Once your critique is completed, delete the submission from your hard drive and destroy any paper copies you made. Anyone who shares ANYTHING from this workshop with anyone else will be removed immediately, and may also be subject to legal consequences.

Please do not submit anything without a title, as this would make it hard to find the critiques for your submission. If needed, make up a working title.

The Fiction list has a widely diverse membership, and some participants do not care to read graphic depictions of sex or violence. As a matter of courtesy, if your submission has them, please  include words Sexual Content or Violent Content in the subject title. If necessary, you can explain further at the beginning of a submission.

Because most of the people in the workshop don't have unlimited time, we ask that you post no more than one Sub a week. Keep in mind also that most people won't have time to critique your story as soon as it's posted. In fact, you may still be receiving critiques for up to a month after the initial submission. Therefore, do not submit a rewrite within 30 days of the original submission.

The best way to learn how to critique is by jumping in and doing it. First, read through the critiquing how-to's in the FAQ which you will receive right after you join. The most useful critiques are those that are honest; but remember to critique the writing, not the writer.

When you write your critique, don't include all of the original Sub in your post. Delete all of the portions you aren't directly commenting on, leaving only enough of the Sub for us to follow what you are saying.

You may critique as many stories as you have time for No one in this workshop has ever complained about receiving too many critiques!

To remain in the workshop you must participate at least twice a month. Participation credit is given for submissions and for critiques. Remember to not post more than one submission a week, but there is no limit on the number of critiques you may do. It is bad form to post only submissions and no critiques.

Members who do not meet the participation requirements will be dropped from the workshop.

Thank you for your interest in the workshop, and we look forward to your active participation.

Gayle Surrette, Fiction Workshop Administrator

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