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A workshop for novelists
Welcome to the NOVELS-L Workshop. If you have a question regarding the workshop or need assistance with a problem, please send your request to the List Administrators (Roger Poppen and Bob Zumwalt, real people, not computers) who will assist you with list-related questions or problems.

Participation requirements:

This is a Writing Workshop dedicated to the craft of novel writing. As such, all participants are required to contribute work in progress and/or critiques to the workshop list. The minimum number of monthly contributions to NOVELS-L is * TWO * per month. These contributions may be Crits (critiques) or Subs (submissions) or a combination of Crits and Subs. (There is no hard-and-fast rule, but as a matter of courtesy, most List members try to contribute approximately twice as many Crits as Subs to the list.) Workshop participants who fail to meet the two contributions per month minimum will be set to Nomail (which means he/she will no longer receive Novels-L posts) as a warning. Failure to meet the two contributions per month minimum for two consecutive months will result in automatic removal from the list.

If the Novels-L mail stops coming to you, ask your List Administrators why.

Participation of Workshop members is an essential element in protecting your copyright and publication rights. Thus, participation is mandatory for all Novels-L members.

Posting etiquette:

All posts to NOVELS-L must have one of the following prefixes on the Subject: line of the message:

  1. Sub: Your Title, Chapter # (approx. # words)
  2. Crit: Title, Chapter #
  3. Offer: Your Title or type of offer.
Note: the offer option allows list members to offer something for private crits. Replies to an offer must be sent privately, not posted to the list. You may offer part or all of your novel for private crits. Crits of offered material may be posted privately or on the list for participation credit.

Sex and/or Violence :

Novels-L has a widely diverse membership, and some participants do not care to read graphic depictions of sex or violence. As a matter of courtesy, if this applies to your submission, please  include words Sexual Content or Violent Content in the subject title. If necessary, you can explain further at the beginning of a submission.

We have several members who have submitted sexually explicit content. The above 'warning' procedure works well, and we've had no complaints from those who find such material not to their taste.

Students and Teachers:

Novels-L is a writing workshop, which means that participants play the roles of both student and teacher. When performing as teacher/critic, be honest, helpful, consistent and considerate. Be sure to offer suggestions as to how, in your opinion, the submitted chapter may be improved.

Sarcasm, personal attacks or overly "brutal" critiques will not be tolerated.

The list administrators will issue a reminder to any workshop members who violate these guidelines. Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in a Nomail or Nopost setting or in removal from the list.

We are here to share and learn. Please give others the same consideration you would expect to receive. Participate and enjoy!

For more information, e-mail the Novels-L administrators.

Also see http://www.internetwritingworkshop.org/contact.shtml for more administrators' addresses.

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