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Candace Byers and BuddyCandace Byers is one of the Writing List's Co-Admins.  By day she's a Physician Assistant, creating myriads of those tiny epics of biography (presumably nonfiction) known as medical charts.  After hours she writes fantasy novels and some poetry.  Candace lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their blonde dog and their ageing Appaloosa gelding.  She enjoys swimming, walks in the ouitdoors, knitting, episodes of The Voice and her current language project: learning Spanish.

Robin Cain

Novelist Robin Cain is an administrator of Novels-L. She lives in ScottsdaleAZ with her husband, two dogs, horses and a donkey. To cool off, she spends summers in Pacific NW. She is the author of two books, THE SECRET MISS RABBIT KEPT and WHEN DREAMS BLEED. She attributes any of her writing success to participation in the Novels group. Learn more at her website.

Norman Cooper is an administrator for the Practice-W list, a web content editor for the Practice-W exercise archives, and provides weekly content to the Internet Writing Workshop blog. When not reading and critiquing our future critically acclaimed authors, Norman is hard at work on his own writing projects. In order to fund these projects, Norman works in commercial property maintenance in Houston, TX.

Norman Cooper

Diane DiekmanDiane Diekman is an administrator for Nfiction. A South Dakota farm girl, she joined Nfiction in 1999 while a Navy captain living in Japan. She self-published two memoirs, NAVY GREENSHIRT and A FARM IN THE HIDEWOOD. The University of Illinois Press published her two biographies, LIVE FAST, LOVE HARD: THE FARON YOUNG STORY and TWENTIETH CENTURY DRIFTER: THE LIFE OF MARTY ROBBINS. Diane became a mother at age fifty when she adopted a pair of sisters (ages 5 and 7). She retired in Washington DC in 2004, following a 32-year Navy career. She now lives in South Dakota and is active in veterans' organizations.

Ruth DouilletteRuth Douillette a back-up admin for the Practice list, is a retired teacher, who freelances as a writer, book reviewer, and photographer. You'll likely find her at her laptop, traipsing around with a camera, or reading a book. Ruth blogs at Upstream and Down~

Jody Ewing, Co-administrator of Novels-L, and a reserve administrator for the Writing list. She is an author, a freelance writer and also works as a cold case investigative journalist. With 400+ published features, she currently is juggling a novel, a political memoir and a true crime book. She lives in western Iowa with her longtime partner Dennis, son Rhett, dogs Cocoa, Bear and Hagan, and an African Grey parrot named Clyde who thinks he's a WWII pilot. Visit her website at

Jody Ewing

Lucille Falcone is the administrator on Script-w. Lucille writes computer software for a living, and everything else for the more important aspects of real-life. Her hobbies include fish keeping and gardening.

Margaret Hamill is the assistant administrator for YAWrite. A retired teacher, Marge is enchanted by mythical creatures of the forests, so writes children's stories about them. Her first two children's novels, Spilled Fairy Dust and Light on the Widow's Walk were published in Fall, 2000. She also writes take-your-breath-away essays about the beauty of her northwestern Michigan home.

Margaret Hamill

Mel JacobCharles Hightower is an administrator for the Practice-W list. His career has him wrestle software and databases into submission and write riveting technical documentation about the adventures – well maybe that's a stretch. He graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery, majoring in Information Systems, and went on to collect a graduate degree from the same institution. He enjoys writing fiction for competition, has collected a number of first place wins. He's played the bagpipes for over 30 years, and you'll often find him teaching undergrad classes for Faulkner University.

Mel JacobMel Jacob, is the administrator for Lovestory-L, the romance writing list. A freelance writer and consultant, she wrote Domestic Technology, Strategic Planning: a How-to-do-it Manual, and numerous articles on information services, management, networks, and libraries and edited several other books. An avid reader, she enjoys reading the classics, romance, speculative fiction, and mysteries. She writes in several genres, including children's stories featuring her pet pig Cormac. Southern Ohio in the Appalachian foothills provides a bit of paradise for Mel, three cats, four dogs, and Cormac.

Patricia L. (Pat) Johnson co-administers the script-w list. Patricia is a poet and freelance editor. Her poems can be found in several online journals. She lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Patricia L. Johnson

Mariane Kulick is the assistant administrator on Poetry-W. Some years past retirement age, she lives part of the year in Florida and spends the summer months in New York. With a background in painting, she is doing some experimental work melding her painting with her poetry. She nudges the muse while riding her bicycle around town every morning and evening.

Judy LammersJudy Lammers, co-admin of the Lovestory-L list, is married with one daughter, one five-year-old grandson, one three-year-old granddaughter, and one baby granddaughter. She lives in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, with her husband, two wonderful cats, and lots of books in the house. She particularly likes romantic suspense novels, mysteries, fantasy and science fiction. The Star Wars movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter, and several movies starring a younger Robert Redford are her favorites. She and her husband also enjoy art museums, zoos, baseball, Acquire and bridge.

Barrie Mulligan is the Poetry-W co-admin. Barrie lives in Australia where his family has been unsuccessfully trying to overcome their convict heritage. He has been: a photographer; a Software Engineer; has been recorded debugging C-code in his sleep; was responsible for a daughter and a son; and occasionally answers the begging of Odette his cat. He enjoys writing poetry, Devonshire teas, the latest technology from Apple and the Facebook category "It's complicated."

Eric Petersen is the administrator of the IWW Blog. He lives in Upstate New York, surrounded by the Catskill Mountains. A former rock bassist, Eric is a part-time computer technician and a part-time dharma bum. The IWW Blog is located at at

Eric Petersen

Paul Pekin has been a member of the IWW for about ten years, exact dates escape him, during which time he has written and published a number of short stories and essays that otherwise might not have been written at all. Paul is a retired police officer who had a parallel career as a teacher and writer. He lives quietly in an old Chicago neighborhood with his wife and a black and white cat.

Paul Pekin

Gary PresleyGary Presley Gary Presley is admin of the Nonfiction list and assistant manager of the Internet Writing Workshop. He lives in the Ozarks Mountains near a town named for a South American revolutionary. He has written off and on throughout his adulthood, once employed writing news and ad copy for a small town radio station. After winning a regional four-state essay contest, he began writing and selling essays regularly. His memoir, "Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio," was a 2008 publication of the University of Iowa Press. Most of his writing time is now devoted to reviewing books for five different magazines. Visit his website at

Judith Quaempts

Judith Quaempts helps admin our Novels-L list. A Military brat, she was lucky enough to spend early childhood in Hawaii. Married at nineteen, she had four children by age twenty-six. All are grown and doing her proud. She spent most of her working life as a medical secretary until she moved to Virginia and worked for an association in Washington DC (executive assistant to a Sr. VP in science and technology). She returned to Oregon 2002 and bought a house in a small town in eastern part of the state. She likes open ground and uninterrupted sky--and has plenty of that there.

Alex Quisenberry

Alex Quisenberry is emeritus owner of our Script-W list. Working on the Texas Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi, and living 34 miles away, on Lake Corpus Christi, he uses the commute time to provoke the muses.

Bob Sanchez is a retired technical writer and editor who is learning just how hard it is to market one's own first self-published novel. A veteran of a Massachusetts writer's group for over 15 years, Bob sees a great benefit in well-run writing lists such as the IWW. He is co-administrator of Practice-W.

Bob Sanchez

Kathleen Sharp is a WRITING list co-administrator, as well as one of the permanent "on-call" substitutes for the non-fiction workshops. Her 30-year career as a writer has included technical writing, corporate business-to-business writing, journalism, newspaper columns, grants, public relations, fundraising letters, and online content.

Kathleen Sharp

Grace Skibicki

Grace Skibicki shares responsibilities for administrating the NFiction and Market Chat lists. She retired as a registered nurse a few years back. Writing and the Workshop contribute to the enjoyment she's experiencing in retirement.

Gayle Surrette is the owner of the Fiction, SFChat-L, and YAWrite lists. After years as a computer consultant/analyst and software designer, she is now the editor of SFRevu an online review magazine covering science fiction, fantasy, and related books and media also Gumshoe Review a similar magazine for mystery and thriller books and media.

Bob Zumwalt

Bob Zumwalt is co-administrator of Novels-L. A California native, he's found the rough-and-tumble history of his state a worthy backdrop for his stories. With two completed novels, he's writing a third where nativism and San Francisco's famed gender-blending prove nothing new in a coming-of-age story set on the eve of the Spanish American War. 

Former administrators

These friends are no longer actively involved as list administrators, but their work is remembered (and often, they are still there for advice or to fill in temporarily.)

Candace Byers and Buddy Candace Byers was the co-administrator of the Writing discussion list. She writes fantasy novels, enjoys role-playing adventure games, and tries to keep up with Xena episodes in her spare time. By day she's a physician assistant in an internal medicine practice. She is also a lover of strong coffee, cyber-doughnuts, and her horses.

Florence Cardinal is a reserve administrator of the Lovestory-L list. She was born during the Great Depression and spent her life on the Alberta Prairie. She's always made up stories. However, she didn't get the nerve to submit her writing to publishers until she was in her thirties. She's written and published just about everything -- an astrology column, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and even a filler or two. See her web site at She is currently writing romance novels.

Florence Cardinal

Jennifer Chiaverini

Novelist Jennifer Chiaverini is the Writing-list administrator and author of the popular Elm Creek Quilt series from Simon & Schuster. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame, the University of Chicago, and formerly taught for the English departments of Penn State and Edgewood College. In addition to the nine volumes of the Elm Creek Quilts series--which includes 4 New York Times bestsellers--she has written two volumes of quilt patterns inspired by her novels and designs: the Elm Creek Quilts fabric lines from Red Rooster Fabrics. She lives with her husband and two sons in Madison, Wisconsin. To learn more about Jennifer Chiaverini and the world of Elm Creek Quilts, visit

Alice FolkartAlice Folkart is the administrator of the Practice-W list. She recently retired to Hawaii, where writing keeps her out of the sun. Finding the IWW four years ago inspired her to try writing fiction. She had journaled since childhood, but didn't know she could write a 'story.' In addition to participating on the IWW, she co-directs an Internet poetry workshop, Perfect Day 4 Poetry. When not writing, she is playing ukulele, teaching computer skills at the local senior center, and paddling her own canoe.

Greg Gunther is the IWW's was an overall owner. He was chief cook and bottle washer, and offered technical advice to members having email and formatting problems. A retired aerospace engineer, he lives in Southern California with his psychologist wife, daughter, granddaughter, and Goldendoodle dog. Also, some so-so cats, two goats, and between one and three horses, depending on who they are staying with. It's not wise to get between three horses.

Greg Gunther

Carter JeffersonCarter Jefferson, an admin and all-round helper on the Practice list, took up writing fiction when he stopped being a family therapist, which he became when he stopped being a history professor, which he became when he stopped being a news reporter and editor. To his surprise, he wound up teaching creative writing to shocking numbers of eager students over the age of 50 and is still at it. He began to publish news stories at 15, and has been writing one thing or another ever since. His website is at

Chris Johnson Chris Johnson is the ex-administrator for LoveStory-L. She writes romances (of course!) and speculative fiction in between knitting, spinning, and weaving. Chris pays for these pastimes with database programming. She lives in California with three humans, thirteen horses, five cats, and three dogs.

Lani Kraus is a former head administrator of the IWW. She is a mom to many kids, grandma to five beautiful babies, a psychologist, writer of novels and humorous nonfiction, and designer of the original IWW web site.

Lani Kraus

Shayla Molohan

Shayla Mollohan and her husband Steve have traded their home in the country for a studio view of Saturn V and the space shuttle at the Space and Rocket Center in Alabama. They have an odd cat named Sophie. Shayla has poetry published in small press and academic lit mags such as Poem, Amelia, Touchstone and Slipstream -- and also on-line, 2 River View. She enjoys reading most anything, painting, cooking and watching Court TV and home shopping and design -- above all, the poetry...

Shayla Molohan

Rh?al Nadeau

Rhéal Nadeau was the overall owner and administrator of the IWW from 1993 until 2006. The workshop exists as it is today a result of his guidance and inspiration. In addition to his day job in software engineering, he participates in and records videos of dogs in agility competitions. You can find out more on his web page at

Dave Swinford resides in the mountains of south-central New Mexico. He's taught creative writing and published a non-fiction book, If I'd Known Where I Was Going, I'd Have Taken A Shortcut. He has also written four novels and a screenplay, none of which have yet been published or produced. In addition to his creative work, he also writes and edits copy for various local businesses and individuals.

David Luddington is the resident Brit in our group, and the assistant admin on Novels-L.