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Exercise: Remembering Faith (Version 4)

These exercises were written by IWW members and administrators to provide structured practice opportunities for its members. You are welcome to use them for practice as well. Please mention that you found them at the Internet Writers Workshop(http://www.internetwritingworkshop.org/).

Originated by Florence Cardinal
Posted on: December 28, 2003
Reposted on: December 19,2004
Revised, reposted, on: September 3, 2006
Revised, reposted, on: Sunday, December 16, 2007
Revised, reposted on: Sunday, February 7, 2010


Exercise: In 400 words or less, describe a moment in your life when you've experienced faith.


Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something, a strongly held belief or theory.

Under normal circumstances, a child has faith in its parents, a dog in its master, a man in the company he works for, a married person in his or her spouse, and all of us in our families, our country, a supreme being, and gravity. Faith helps us through rough times and gives life meaning and purpose.

Most of us have faith in something. Sometimes it's just the small stuff - dinner will be on the table at six every night, our paycheck won't bounce, and each day when we leave home we will return safely. Sometimes it's the huge stuff - that there is a God who cares about us and keeps us safe; that if something bad happens, our guardian angel will show up to help us; or that if we lead a good life, when we die we'll go to heaven and learn to play a harp. Look back to a time in your life when you have been aware of your faith. What did it feel like?

Perhaps you'd like to show faith in action, an incident that demonstrates faith, an example of how faith helped you, or even the discovery that you have a faith that you didn't know you had.

This is an exercise in sharing the experience of faith from a true event.

Exercise: In 400 words or less, describe a moment in your life when you've experienced faith.


Critiquing: Can you "see" the moment being described? Does the writing flow well? Are you merely an observer, or are you pulled into the experience?

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